Here at Next Level we work with athletes that are recovering from injury and trying to get healthy athletes performing at a higher level.  While we can do a lot in clinic to help these athletes reach their goals an excellent outcome depends on not only what we do in clinic but the recovery that takes place outside the clinic. Here is a great article (Recover Smarter) about the importance of taking care of the whole body when recovering from an injury or trying to perform at a higher level. Stretching, nutrition, hydration, time management, RICE, and sleep all play a major role in the way that the body can recover after injury or physical exertion

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. Without these key pieces an excellent outcome can take longer or never be achieved. At Next Level we pride ourselves on full body recover and the majority of this involves clients taking the time when they are not in the clinic to recover properly so we can take it to the Next Level when they are in the clinic.

Recover Smarter