After any injury the primary goal of therapy is to restore function. Initially there are many impairments that we want to focus on including decreasing pain,  decreasing swelling, and activating the right muscles. Usually the latter stages of therapy are used to try to increase strength in the right muscles that might have lost strength during the rehab process. Along with this some people may develop movement patterns that might pre-dispose them to increase stresses on different body structures. If we can identify these movement patterns and increase strength in certain muscles than we can distribute this stress to the correct areas so people can function at a high level for a longer time. That being said we expect to have some soreness in different muscles during the therapy process, especially as we start to try to get muscles bigger and stronger. While this may not be a new concept for athletes sometimes it can be a little alarming that you might have some soreness in your muscles 1-2 days after working out

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. In order to get muscles stronger we have to increase the workload that the muscles are accustomed to. This causes damage to the muscle and then in term the body repairs the muscle and it gets bigger and stronger. The key to therapy and increasing strength is trying to find a balance of increasing the load correctly in order to get benefit from strength training. Here is a short video on our facebook page or on youtube that explains how muscles grow, get stronger and sometimes get sore in the process and the importance of nutrition and rest in helping in the recovery process.