As fall sports kick off we start to see an increase in people coming in with injuries. One of the most common injuries we see is athletes that have torn their ACL and have surgery. This can be a devastating injury for a young athlete. However research shows that working on strength, proprioception (balance) and movement patterns can help reduce your risk for injury by altering compromising movements and positions. For more information about ACL injuries,  including how they happen and who is more likely to sustain this injury,  click on the link below. There is also a short video about some basic exercises athletes can perform to help reduce the risk of injury; however these only address one part of the picture. At Next Level Sports Performance and Physical Therapy, we would much rather prevent an injury through our sports performance training than treat an athlete who has already sustained a major injury. Our Sports Performance Specialists: Nick, Levi, and Cody are awesome at providing one on one sports performance training for athletes of any age and focus on exercises and movements that can help prevent many types of injuries. So come on by and stay healthy through the fall season!


ACL injury information

Injury Prevention Exercises Video