In today’s world time is precious and with precious time comes sacrifices

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. When it comes to the fitness world sacrifices can be costly and typically the first thing to go is stretching. Stretching can be done before and after a workout and majority of the population fails to do both. One stretch or warm-up we preach here at Next Level is an active warm-up or Dynamic-Warm-up.  The goal of the Pre-exercise (Dynamic warm-up) should be to promote an increase in core body temperature and blood flow, to increase muscle tendon suppleness and to enhance free coordinated movements, which, in turn, help prepare the body for exercise (Herman and Smith 2008). A simple way to know the effectiveness is the individual is sweating. That alone shows the increase in core temperature.

Dynamic warm-ups can be done a multitude of fashions. There are so many variations out in today’s fitness world. Our advice keep it simple, as stated above the biggest factor is increasing core body temperature and blood flow. To do this we typically start off with a large muscle group warm up such as bike ride, jog, elliptical; this ensures that body is going to get the rise in core temperature. After a simple major muscle exercise we move on to more specific exercises or sport specific. Majority of sport specific warm-ups are similar since we as humans move similar to one another but there are some differences from every sport. An example of this would be a baseball player who needs a lot of functional hip rotation vs. a cross country runner which involves more of a straight line approach. As stated before were going to keep it simple and give five basic warm-up exercises we practice in clinic. If you are looking for more recommendations on sport specific warm ups, strengthening or recovery make an appointment with our Sports Performance Specialist

  1. Jog
  2. A-skips
  3. Side-shuffle
  4. Lunge with rotations/reaches
  5. Side Lunge
  6. Tin-man


Herman SL, Smith DT. Four-Week Dynamic Stretching Warm-Up Intervention elicits longer-term Performance benefits. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research  22: 1286-1297, 2008

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